Until the past few years I’ve personally had a bad viewpoint on money.

Growing up in church, money always kind of been a taboo topic. People just don’t talk about it. No one talks about how to make it, and the idea of wanting more of it has a negative connotation.

When I was a little older, I was introduced to some guys that had a whole lot of money. And I noticed that they openly talked about it.

They shared tips on how to grow it and they just seemed to have a positive viewpoint on the subject.

Furthermore, they did a lot of good with it!

One day I was watching a Jim Rohn seminar and he did an exercise that really helped me get a new perspective on money. He said, “Hold your breath for as long as you can… I’ll wait… Okay, you can breathe now.”

He then asked the audience, “While you were holding your breath, what was the main thing on your mind? Probably, your main thought was that you needed air… especially toward the end.”

Money is the same way.

When you don’t have it, or you are struggling to get it, you constantly think about it and it runs your whole life!

Without money, you give money the power to control your circumstances. You let it cause stress and dominate your thoughts.

There’s a better way to live.

Instead of letting money have control of your thoughts because of its constant scarcity, you can use it to create freedom and margin in your life.

And when you’ve done that, you can focus on more important things!

I personally believe in God, and believe that he has a purpose for us here on earth. And I believe that this negative view of money is causing a lot of people to be trapped and unable to pursue the things God has been leading them to do with their lives.

I would encourage you to start thinking about all the positive things money does.

  • Money enables you to help others
  • Money helps you to eliminate financial stress in a marriage
  • Money allows you to take care of your family

…and much more.

By the way, this is not to say money is everything. Not by a long shot, in fact. Or that money will make you happy. Or that God can’t provide you with all the money you need. It’s certainly possible to be broke and happy.

But usually, an unhealthy mindset about money leads to an unhappy life of obsessing over it.

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