You’ve got that burning feeling, don’t you?

That feeling that there is more. That you’re missing out on something big, but you’re not quite sure what “something” is.

You’ve found a life of stability, but deep down inside, you crave variety, freedom, and adventure. You want to succeed and to achieve, but not at the expense of your soul, your family or your real passions in life.

Welcome to The Unstrapped Life Mastermind. We have a white hot passion to help you break free from normal, from mediocre, from mere survival to pursue your real passion, to achieve real freedom, and to leave a lasting legacy.


If you live in (or can travel to) Northwest Arkansas, here’s what you’ll discover when you join…

  • An audacious challenge – We’ll push back against your limiting beliefs and help you develop a success-and-freedom mindset.
  • Skills to pay the bills – We’ll give ground-level, concrete principles and practices for breaking free from consumerism and financial limitations.
  • Friends in the trenches – We’re gathering a community of people who share a common weariness of mediocrity and passion to break free.
  • Actionable strategy – We’re all about strategies and next steps that move beyond theory and produce real results.
  • Personalized coaching – We’re here to talk about your dream, your business, your pursuit of freedom, and we’ll hold you accountable to keep going!

Who is the Mastermind For?

First of all, let’s talk about who this is NOT for. If you want to talk about money and business without actually taking any risks… if you’re hoping for a magic spell, a “push button” solution, or the next shiny object in the world of entrepreneurship, this is NOT for you.

The Unstrapped Life Mastermind is for you IF…

  • You work hard, but wonder what all the hard work is for.
  • You understand that money isn’t everything, but money isn’t nothing either.
  • You want to start something, build something, or scale something that matters.
  • You’ll put some skin in the game and share your journey with others.
  • You’ll take massive action to create positive change in your life.

What is the Mastermind About?

We’ll talk about the important stuff! – the tactics that will make an actual and dramatic difference in your life. Some of the topics we’ll cover in our meetings together include…

  • How to live with an unstrapped mindset that smashes through limiting beliefs and overcomes fear to act with big, bold vision.
  • How to move from being an employee who has to trade time for money to being free, even if you don’t decide to quit your day job.
  • How to get started in real estate to build and stack passive income streams and increase your cash flow.
  • How to launch your online platform so you can profit from the booming digital marketing arena.
  • How to balance your personal and professional life and live in a sweeter rhythm as you chase your passions.
  • How to form valuable connections with people who take you places inside yourself you could never otherwise go.
  • How to make great deals, both buying and selling, write effective sales copy, and utilize high-performing sales funnels.
  • How to stack passive income streams to generate wealth, stay out of dangerous debt traps, and invest for your future.

And WAY more!

We’ll also host some AMA (ask me anything) sessions where we can dig into whatever it is you’re losing sleep over at the moment.

When Do We Meet?

We will meet one evening per month, usually a Tuesday or Thursday, starting at 7:00 and ending a few hours later when we’re all ready to take action.

You’ll know the dates and locations at least a month in advance.

How Much Does It Cost?

We believe this kind of coaching and mentoring community is highly valuable and should pay for itself many times over.

Many similar programs can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to get access, but we want it to be accessible to people who have big dreams and a bias toward action but perhaps haven’t yet started generating a large cash flow.

So we’re pricing insider access at $97 per month.
Or $997 if you want to pay for a year up front. (14% Savings)

BUT… you’ve gotta commit. When high level training is priced affordably, sometimes we don’t stick around and keep on doing the hard work. So we want you to make sure you’re willing to get all the value you can out of the experience before you join.

In other words, if you join in, you have to be willing to show up, to do the work, to make a contribution, to share your knowledge and experience with others, and to take action to move forward.


Email David or email Brandon and indicate your interest!

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